Corporate Documents.

The activities of Velpharm are fully licensed and accompanied by the necessary certificates and conclusions.

  • Production license

    License for the production of medicines № 00257-ЛС

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  • Pharmaceutical license

    License for the implementation of pharmaceutical activities
    № ФС-99-02-007445

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  • Certificate ГОСТР Р ИСО 9001‑2015‑№18.0048.026 (ISO 9001:2015 №18.0047.026)

    Certificate ГОСТР Р ИСО 9001‑2015 № 18.0048.026
    (ISO 9001:2015 № 18.0047.026)

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  • GMP Compliance Statement

    Conclusion on the compliance of the manufacturer of medicines for medical use with the requirements of the Rules of Good Manufacturing Practice
    № GMP-0139-000244/18

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  • License № 45.01.01001.Л.00000104.17

    License to carry out activities in the use of pathogens of infectious diseases of humans and animals
    № 45.01.01001.Л.00000104.17

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  • Sanitary and epidemiological report on the microbiological laboratory

    Sanitary and epidemiological conclusions

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  • Precursor License

    License to carry out activities for the circulation of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, the cultivation of drug-containing plants
    № ФС-99-03-000338

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